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Welcome aboard the Reuss Express, a journey of a life-time derailed by an unexpected assassination.

On the eve of a landmark speech by the wealthy heiress Lady Unterwald, a straight-laced lawyer, a crime novelist-turned rookie detective, and an undercover spy find themselves embroiled in a murder, a mystery, and worst of all… an adventure! Now stuck onboard a luxurious steam train, within stabbing distance of a cold-blooded killer, the race is on to prove their innocence once and for all!

Play as Diana, Arthur and Herman to unwrap the mystery and put your point and click puzzle-solving skills to the test!


The Loco Motive project started off as a 2 week game jam project, as part of AdvXJam in November 2020. Adam and Joseph from Robust games had been keen to work on a game idea together for a while, inspired by Dave Lloyd from Powerhoof’s adventure game Unity tool, PowerQuest. The Robust Games team booked two weeks off work, and immediately hopped on Discord to brainstorm their comedy point and click project to the theme of “A Good Time”.

After a whirlwind two weeks, and with the help of fellow contributors Angie Di Rosa (additional art) and Paul Zimmerman (music), the short game jam version of Loco Motive was released to the world via itch.io for free. It received a fantastic reception from the community and media alike, including coverage in PC Gamer, but most importantly encouraged Adam and Joseph to pursue their dream of making Loco Motive a full commercial release. After reviewing the scope of their project, Robust Games pitched their commercial vision for Loco Motive. Seeing the potential in the project, Chucklefish signed Loco Motive in May 2021, funding the title and enabling both brothers to leave their current roles, establish their indie studio, and become full-time developers. Loco Motive’s full project was announced to the public in December 2021, as part of Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase. It’s currently in development for PC and Nintendo Switch, slated for release in 2024.

About Robust Games

Robust Games is an independent games developer, founded by brothers Adam and Joseph Riches. Loco Motive is the studio’s first commercial game release. Prior to Robust Games, Adam was an Artist at Chucklefish, working on titles such as Starbound and Wargroove, and Joseph was a Software Developer for nearly 5 years developing Unity apps and full-stack web applications in the educational games market.


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Adam Riches

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Joseph Riches



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