Well if you don’t want to participate in the creation of this fun project you should stop reading here… Period!

Not much progress happened this week because we were working on a festival gig, but next week there’s going to be some puzzle dependency chart down and

Also another amazing thing is that people rushed in to help with the project, and we can’t be more grateful for that! We now have help with the localisation in Italian, Spanish and German. We will work hard to make sure that the humorous lines involving wordplay and idioms make sense in every language because as like Betty Blaires pointed out, humour is something to be taken seriously (ha!).

Will soon set up a team members page with all the credits of the people involved, plus a page on were donation money will be going, like buying a better plan for the website (the ads are extremely annoying on the mobile site, plus we’ll have more space and the capability of hosting video) and a proper screen capturing software etc.

Also a massive thanks goes to CrimsonWizard on AGS forums for his endless support!

here’s a simple walking test (we’ll post a non cropped one soon and make the illusion of jumping over the chain a bit more convincing!)

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