//The Beginning

Greetings retro game lovers with an ear for music! This is the development blog for ‘Locomotive’ – a comic, horror adventure game launched by Phase

We thought of making one because, why not? We’ve spend loads of hours on adventure gaming, on titles like Broken Sword, or Discworld, and Damos, really liked his Day of the Tentacle! Being a creative doesn’t really have limitations on anything, and we thought making a clone of Maniac Mansion, the most iconic adventure game ever, (and it couldn’t be any more relevant than it is today, having a recent release by Ron Gilbert titled Thimbleweed Park making it big, means that the genre is still alive and kicking!) would be a really fun project, plus Damos is very good at programming having done that a lot in his uni days, so we thought that might be handy as well.

So the premise of the game should be simple: The band facing the horrors of missing the the soundcheck in a haunted venue. And the atmosphere should be confusing like the band’s identity really, dark, but funny at the same time.

The plan is for the game to be available for free download, when it’s ready and to post a blog every Thursday for updates on its development. Also consider this first post as an open invitation. Anyone that feels they can contribute with a few lines of code, art, or ideas they should drop us a line! And you can always donate if you feel like it, so it all happens at a faster rate (and make this website ad free!!!)!


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